Tango Vs. Skype

Tango vs. Skype

Video calling in the present time is enjoyed by many. This is something which helps people to video chat with friends and family members staying far away. There are many programs which are offering this service and it is really tough to choose the best one out of them for suiting the purpose. The most significant competition among the various service providers is Tango vs. Skype.


Both Tango and Skype are used by large number of peoples. They have their own group of fans. But which one should you choose to satisfy your needs?

The winner in Tango vs. Skype depends on your needs
Both softwares are very popular and the reason behind it is the superior quality of service provided by them. They are unique for their features but you must know about each of their features in order to make the right choice. They are both available in several platforms, as for pc, Android, iPhone and more. One just can’t say that one is better than other. The usefulness will depend on your use. So, let’s talk about the features of the softwares.


Tango is supported by android, IOS, Tango for pc, and for some other operating systems. Tango’s unique feature is that it creates a user account just with the phone number of the user. It usually takes seconds to create a Tango account. This facilitates the application to scan the phonebook of the user and show who all out of them have already installed Tango. In this way, it becomes very easy to find other known Tango users. In addition, tango allows you to play games, share images and more cool stuff during calls!


Now the question of Skype comes. This software can be used almost in all types of devices capable of making a video call. It runs in a desktop, laptop and tablet and also in mobile phones. This makes the Skype users huge in number in the competition of Tango vs. Skype. Skype can be used for chatting and SMS as well. One can also have a conference call from Skype but this is not yet available in the android application. Skype can also be used to call landlines and mobile phones at a cheap rate. Presently, it can call dozens of countries. So, it is very clear that while Tango is reigning in the mobile phones and for pc, Skype is not far back and is ruling over other video calling devices.


It is being hoped that Tango will improve itself in the immediate future by introducing the features present in Skype like chatting and sending free SMS. Skype is also trying to improve itself to capture the android market. But if Tango fails to develop really fast, Skype will remain unchallenged when the question of video calling in all types of devices will come. The same username and password of a Skype account is used to login and use Skype from different devices.  This is a plus point of Skype which has earned them a large number of users.  Tango and Skype both are trying to develop as soon as possible and get rid of the competitors. So, the battle of Tango vs. Skype will get intensified in the future and people will have to make a choice very carefully.