Tango PC

Tango for Pc is a software to make either video or audio calls. That is a perfect feature for those who are looking to make video calls or phone calls. It is very easy to make calls through tango.

The tango for PC edition was released in October last year.

Tango can easily be run into common windows platform like XP, Vista or Windows 7/8. You can easily run Tango for PC in these platforms.  The company said that the Tango for Mac version would be available soon. The PC version of tango is easy to use. There are no requirements of username and password in order to use the application.  You have to enter your phone number and email Id in order to use the application successfully. For tango PC users, tango automatically updates the contacts from tango contacts and address contacts. So this is very handy feature in tango.  You can also invite other peoples to join tango either by two ways that is email or an SMS. It works just like Skype. Skype is also used to make video calls and that is the same feature in tango.


At first launch tango did not have feature like group calling, text chat and file sharing options. Later these features were launched in tango. In July tango took 41.98$ million by the firm which is invested in Skype. Other investors like Len Blavatnik and Alex Zubilaga also invested in Tango.

The main users of tango for PC are from Spanish speaking countries like Spain and others.  Tango for PC is available to run on windows 7. It can also be run in windows 8.

If you do not know how to install tango for PC then I recommend you to read this tutorial. This is very good tutorial on how to get tango For Pc. In this video you will see how to download tango for PC. Here are the steps to download tango for PC:

First of all I suggest you to install graphics driver onto your PC. I have seen many people complaining about that they do not have enough graphics requirement in their PC. Some people also complained about the blue screen error which they got on their PC.  This blue screen of death occurs due to insufficient amount of graphics driver. So the first step is to download and install the required graphics driver.

Once you have updated your graphics driver now it is time to update your windows software’s update on your PC. Make sure you have all the latest updates on your PC. Now after updating graphics driver and windows update now it is time to install tango for PC. Follow the rest of the on screen instructions on how to install tango for PC, and call your friends!