Tango For Windows

Tango For Windows
With the Tango for Windows, for PC or Windows users now can use this wonderful application without the need to use a smartphone. This can give you more convenience where you can instantly Tango up someone while you are working on your work on your laptop or desktop computer. The best part of this is that all these messaging and video calls are completely free and you only need an internet connection.


The biggest difference of Tango for Windows and Skype, is that Tango comes with an interface of an iPhone. If you have already tried Tango on your iPhone then you will know that installing and using Tango is very simple and straightforward. With the Tango for Windows version, the installation and usage is no different than the iPhone version.

Apart from being used on iPhone and Windows PC, Tango can also be used on Android devices such as Google Nexus One, HTC and Motorola Droid X for high-quality video calls. You can use Tango on 3G, 4G, data plans and WiFi. It is no doubt that Tango becomes one of the top most wanted application as people can now save way much more on video calls from all over the world without needing to sacrifice on the quality of the service.
To use Tango for PC on windows, your computer must meet their system requirements to ensure that the application runs smoothly without any problems for you. First, ensure that your computer is on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. As for video calls, it would be great if you have a computer with camera and mic. Otherwise, you can get these peripherals separately. Next, you will need to have internet connection with decent speed. You can choose to make voice calls or video calls with Tango and this means that for video calls, you will need a faster connection than voice calls.
If you are already using Tango and liked it then, it is worth trying out the Windows PC version. You can try it out anytime you want and get it downloaded for free from the Tango’s website. Simply choose the download for the Windows PC version and run the installation on your computer. After installation, you are free to start making your video calls just like on a phone. Get your friends to install a version of Tango either on their phones, computer or both and you can always call them up using Tango for pc whenever you want and for as long as you want.