Tango For iPhone

Tango App For iPhone: FaceTime Alternative

Video calling is the latest craze in the world of communication today. And if you own an iPhone, you must be familiar with FaceTime – a nice built-in video calling feature developed by Apple that lets you see who you are talking to by using the cameras on both phones.

However, FaceTime has some limitation:

1. It works only with WiFi

2. Only supported IOS devices with a front-facing camera (iPhone 4 or later)

So, if your iPhone is not connected with WiFi and your friends are using Android devices, you are not able to use FaceTime video calling feature.

Now, the app Tango has the solutions for all those problems.

Tango is a new video chat app for iPhone, Android, and Tango for PC. In general, below are some of the great features of the Tango app:

1. Tango offers superb quality of video chat on 3G, 4G or WiFi connection

2. Works well all across Smartphones devices, and PC’s not limited between iPhones only. You can have video chat with another person that having Android device as well.

3. You can still use Tango with any Smartphones that doesn’t have a front-facing camera.

4. Create Tango contact automatically from your existing phone contact list. An excellent contact management feature.

5. Invite your friends or family to register with Tango by sending e-mail or text message – all with just a single tap.

6. Save money with free international calls to other Tango friends.

7. Start a phone call with Tango and switch to a video call when you have something to show by tapping the camera icon.

8. Simple and easy to use. New profile registration only takes few seconds.

Ranked in the Top Free Apps on iTunes Charts, the latest version of Tango is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (3rd generation), iPod Touch (4th generation), iPod Touch (5th generation), and iPad. Tanggo app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is fully optimized for iPhone 5.

Another unique feature in Tango is you can personalize your calls or messages with Tango Surprises. Some of the best Tango Surprises pack that you can get from iTunes are Penny The Puppy Pack, Flirty Surprise Pack, Celebration Surprise, Love Surprise, and many more to come. You can also use filters, and avatars to make your calls more fun and entertaining – there is always something that you can use to uniquely express yourself during your calls and messages.

Tango also got in-app games that you can play from your iPhone against all your friends, Even if they have Tango for PC.