Tango Application

Tango application

The tango app can be downloaded for various platforms like Tango for PC,for laptop,for iPhone, for Android, or for windows phone. There are some system requirements in order to run tango successfully on your PC. These are:




  • Windows XP, windows vista or windows 7/8.
  • Both 32 and 64 bit Os supported.
  • A good internet connection either broadband or LAN
  • A good web camera, web camera can be of any brand like Intel or Logitech
  • Good speakers and microphones.
  • A good pair of speakers is required in order to run tango successfully. Speakers can also be replaced by a headphone. Along with speakers,  a microphone is required in order to record voice.
  • For using voice calls it is recommended to have a good internet connection.
  • For video calls to run successfully it is recommend having an internet connection with at least a speed of4mbps download and 512kbps upload.
  • It is also recommend to run video calls successfully one must have good processor .

It is very easy to install tango for PC. Just follow the instructions and you will install tango in no time. It is simple, fun and best of all – totally free. On 5 February 2012 tango released a new update to give people a more enjoyable fun. They have released a way more romantic and to interact with their friends and family. This update is to make valentine’s day more special and lovable. You can also play video games to tango. This is a very good feature along with making video calls and text messages. Sometimes it is more special to express love with texting and phone calls. This is the perfect way to communicate if you are living in other country than your family or friends. This is also a great way to express our feeling through the medium of text messages and video calls.

Tango App

Tango new update’s available on iOS and android includes:-

  • Personalized Valentine’s Day content with new surprise.
  • Send lovable arrows on your partner with a pink panther. This is a theme surprise to make the Valentine’s Day more specially and express their love.
  • Media gallery: media gallery automatically stores all your pictures on a location on your hard drive.

You can make high quality video calls through tango. Along with video calls you can love the fun by doing phone calls, text messages, games, picture sharing and a lot more. It is a great way of doing the fun along with phone calls or video calls.
And best of all Tango is all free. Around 90 million users are there in total of tango. It is a great way to share our emotions and express love.