Tango App

Tango Application

The Tango application is a great, free application for you to make free voice and video calls on 3G, 4G and WiFi connection. The application is easy to download and start using. The interfaces of the Tango application for phones are simple and intuitive that helps people to start using it with ease in a very short time. While video calls used to be expensive without Tango, now you can save a lot more and get it for free on your phone with this wonderful application.

You can choose between voices or video calls and you can get the same felling of talking to your friends and family just like they are physically there with you even when you are in different places.

Tango application was initially launched for iPhones but now it has versions available for Android devices and smartphones. Now, your boundaries for a free voice and video calls are limitless where no one is limited to use only the iPhone to connect with each other. You can talk to friends with phones such as HTC and Motorola without any problems just as long as their phone meets the application system requirements. Installing on other brands of phones is just as simple.

Many people like to do multiple activities on their phones and Tango allows you to do so without any problem. You can work on other applications such as your work or games while you chat using Tango. With Tango getting even better over the time, it now allows you to have avatars to replace you on the screen for your calls. It also includes filters where you can choose different camera effects such as Vintage, Holga, Mafic and Comic. The other classic functions that are included in Tango are the ability to check when the messages, videos and images that has been received successfully by the recipient.

Tango is a pretty sleek application that will have more to offer to its users. Its performance on mobile devices is one of the highlights that makes it stands out as it don’t waste your phone resources like other application does. This means, Tango allows you to make high-quality calls without using up a lot of your battery and data space. Mobile users like you and me will definitely love this feature as we often face such problems with limited resources on mobile phones.  Don’t waste any more time and go grab yourself a free copy of Tango from their website. You cans set it up within minutes and start making those free calls to your friends and family instantly.